Illuminating Thoughts

Jo Hodges worked as lead artist on the Gallery of Modern Art’s ‘Rule of Thumb‘ social justice programme. One of the resulting works, ‘Illuminating Thoughts‘ was a series of photographs of projected text onto participants bodies created with women who had experienced domestic abuse.

Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow. 2006


Categories: Community Engagement, Exhibition, Jo Hodges, Pre 2013

Jo Hodges

Jo Hodges is a multidisciplinary public artist based in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland.
Jo [] has a background in Human Ecology, community development and social justice.

Her work investigates ecological and socio-cultural systems, processes and relationships, and explores new strategies for working in public. Her practice takes many forms; temporary and permanent works, site specific installations and socially engaged projects and processes. She is often led by context, where the outcome is determined as a result of process.

She is interested in research, experimentation and collaboration at the intersection of environment, culture and technology and exploring the role of art in social change. She is joint Director-Curator of Sanctuary Lab, a public art laboratory in the Galloway Forest Dark Skies Park.