Museum of the FutureNow

A series of participatory experimental workshops, building speculative futures in order to reflect on current social and environmental issues. The workshop uses the format of The Museum of Future Food (Coleman and Hodges 2014) to explore the drivers and dynamics of change – political, economic, technological, cultural, ecological. Collaboration with Mike Bonaventura

Workshop #1: For a week during December 2015 coinciding with the COP21 Climate Talks in Paris, and as part of ArtCOP21, climate change was brought into the heart of Dumfries town centre with interactive artworks and public actions, discussions and film at The Stove Network. The Museum of Climate Futures workshop was run at an evening of discussion and conversation on artistic responses and approach to global climate change agendas and large scale change: How do artists engage with large scale issues and concepts like environment and climate change? How can artists influence new ways of looking at the future? How can we create our own futures?
Workshop #2. The Museum of Climate Futures. May 2016, City Art Gallery, Edinburgh. Creative Carbon Scotland. LINK
Workshop #3. The Museum of FutureNow at Realising Potentials Symposium, Barcelona. Nov 2016. LINK
Workshop #4: The Museum of Future Middlefield Adaptation Scotland, Aberdeen, April 2017 BLOG LINK
Workshop #5: The Museum of Climate Futures. ASCUS Lab’s Greenhouse Gas Exchange Event. Edinburgh, Nov 2017 LINK
Workshop #6: The Museum of FutureNow Flood Risk Management Conference at Strathclyde Technology and Innovation Centre, Feb 2018.
Workshop # 7: Museum of the Future Stove. The Stove Network. May 2019
Workshop #8: The Museum of Future Keeling. Keelung CIAO, Taiwan. Oct 2019

“You have crafted a really simple, totally ingenious and very effective vehicle for trying to think about the future”  Participant ‘The Museum of Climate Futures’. May 2016, City Art Gallery, Edinburgh

For more information see the Museums of the Future Now website

Images below from The Museum of Climate Futures, The Museum of Future Now; Cities and Infrastructure, The Museum of the Future Stove

Museum of Future Keelung, Keelung, Taiwan. October 2019

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