Video installation:
A speculative collision of two ideas separated by three years
Sound – ‘Lost Cosmonaut’ Developed as a FM radio broadcast in 2013. In June 1962, two Italian amateur radio enthusiasts picked up what they claimed to be the last broadcast of a crippled Russian spacecraft orbiting the Earth and abandoned by the State.
Vision – ‘Middlehope’ Black and white photographs of abandoned Northumbrian village taken 16th June 2016. The houses deemed too remote to be supplied with modern services and lacking adequate vehicle access were finally abandoned to the elements in the
early 60’s.
Scottish premiere at Alchemy Film Festival March 2017
Screened in coal bunker at The Old Schoolhouse, Allenheads 2016. Above So Below, a weekend of events, exhibitions and installations at Allenheads, Northumberland.


Categories: 2017, Installation, Interactive