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Work made for the Colombo Biennale, Sri Lanka 2014 on the theme of ‘Making History. A site specific performance installation exploring memory, imagination and loss. Visitors to the Biennale were individually invited to witness and respond to the one off performance.Their responses were the only record of the event and were used to create a second gallery based work composed of these multiple interpretations. The disparities contained within this documentation explored the nature of the real and of the remembered. How do we understand and visualize an event that we haven’t witnessed and how much of the past is shaped by what is kept and by what is lost? After the close of the exhibition, the witness statements were made into bags and passed onto street vendors to be used for serving food. It is common practice for all kinds of waste documents including school excercise books and government papers to be made into bags and sold to street vendors. This practice reduces the incidence of mosquitos (as well as bringing in an income for the bag makers) as discarded plastc bags collect pockets of water that provide breeding sites after rainfall.

Work developed as part of a Creative Scotland funded residency under the Creative Futures programme

Categories: 2014, Exhibition, Participatory, Performance