Nil By Mouth

A year long project exploring the intersection of food, sustainability, art, science and public engagement. The project included a month residency with an organic food producer and a series of workshops and residentials with scientists from the Scottish Government’s Strategic Research programme. Two new works were presented at the Scottish Parliament November 2014; The Museum of Future Food’ and ‘Soilari’.Public Plate’ was presented as part of the residency process.

Further information on the whole project :

Commission: Creative Scotland / Crichton Carbon Centre.

The Museum of Future Food

5 exhibits from a museum set in the future. The exhibits were accompanied by a museum catalogue and audio.
Link to PDF of MFF Brochure

Audio links describing the exhibits :

For more information on the development of The Museums of the Future Now project see The Museums of the Future Now website.

Images of The Museum of Future Food and event invitation.

Soilari future soil therapies

Soilari Future Soil Therapies‘ is an interactive performance installation developed in collaboration with Prof. Lorna Dawson at The Hutton Institute, Aberdeen. It considers the importance of microorganisms in soil by using a speculative extrapolation of current research. A ‘therapist’ from the Soilari Soil Therapies company from 30 years in the future invites passers by to a free soil therapy relaxation session and explains the concept and procedure. They are made comfortable and breathe in a flow of air that passes over the soil hidden within the ‘therapy units’. At the same time they listen to a field recording from the location where the soil was ‘harvested’. Back in the present, they are asked to answer some questions about their current relationship with and understanding of soil including when they last came into contact with soil and ideas for how soil could have more cultural importance.

For more information on the work and other iterations, link through HERE

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Jo Hodges

Jo Hodges is a multidisciplinary public artist based in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland
with a background in Human Ecology, community development and social justice.

Her work investigates ecological and socio-cultural systems, processes and relationships, and explores new strategies for working in public. Her practice takes many forms; temporary and permanent works, site specific installations and socially engaged projects and processes. She is often led by context, where the outcome is determined as a result of process.

She is interested in research, experimentation and collaboration at the intersection of environment, culture and technology and exploring the role of art in social change. She is joint Director-Curator of Sanctuary Lab, a public art laboratory in the Galloway Forest Dark Skies Park.