Jo Hodges


I am public artist based in Scotland with a diverse practice that explores relationships, systems and change. My work is led by an interest in process, public engagement and cross-disciplinary collaboration. 

My practice responds to site, place or community. Working across art forms I create installations and interventions, both temporary and permanent. My background is in Human Ecology, community development and social justice and as an artist I am interested in public engagement and research and experimentation at the intersection of environment, culture, science and technology.

Recent projects have been have developed in collaboration with cultural organisations such as the Jam Factory, Lviv, Ukraine and scientists and academics at The School of Social and Political Science, Edinburgh University, The Centre for Infection, Immunity and Evolution, Edinburgh University, The Hutton and Rowett Institutes, Aberdeen and with research based organisations such as the British Society of Immunology. The resulting work has explored a wide range of differing but interlinked areas such as strategies for creative regeneration in post industrial cities, the social construction of the environment, landscape and relationship to place, the evolution and adaptive strategies of pathogens, soil and the food system, climate change and immunology.

I work collaboratively with Robbie Coleman on an ongoing basis. See the Coleman & Hodges home page.


The following sections are currently being updated. July 2022

Commissions. Also see Coleman&Hodges
Curation and Production
Engagement and Community
Performance and Video
Creative Engagement and Development


In 2020 I was selected for Becoming Earthly Run by The Barn Arts, Aberdeen, this was an experimental learning space which aimed to create the conditions to open up new innovative forms of ecological practice that respond imaginatively to the challenges we now face. The programme ran July – September 2020.


In 2019 I worked for Upland, mentoring a young artist for Emerge. Emerge is a 9 month programme of mentoring, networking and training for emerging artists who have a connection to Dumfries and Galloway.


In 2015, I attended an 11 day artist led camp exploring petrosubjectivity and cultures of survival in a post oil world 2015. Breakdown Break Down was a long term effort to organize cultural workers, artists, activists, and those interested in surviving climate breakdown, to de-industrialize our sense of self and produce the civil society that will help us endure ecological collapse. More info


In 2015, I headed to Eilean Shona Island to be part of a pilot project to collectively learn about diverse and non-arts specific topics that can inform artistic and creative practices for the future. We experienced temporarily inhabiting an unpopulated island and participated in a structured programme of events that explored ideas around the human sensory experience, related to the natural qualities and physical remoteness.


ART, DESIGN AND ANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE. LIFESPACE, DUNDEE. Speaker at Art, Design and Antimicrobial Resistance. LifeSpace Art & Science Discussion Event at LifeSpace gallery, Dundee. September 2015

“Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is the ability of microbes like bacteria, viruses and parasites to evade treatment by antibiotics and other drugs. This is an increasing threat to global health as new resistance mechanisms emerge and spread across the world. Microbial life has long captured the interest of many artists. So what can artists contribute to the interdisciplinary approach required to both tackle antimicrobial resistance, and increase public awareness of this important issue?”

EDGES : SURFACE : BORDERS EXHIBITION AT TENT GALLERY, EDINBURGH. Exhibition opening and presentation/discussion. November 2015

PRESENTATION AT FERTILE GROUND CONFERENCE. Artists presentation of A New EIA for Natural Scotland at the Fertile Ground Conference at Dunbar. The theme of the event was environmental art towards change. Oct 2014 LINK

MOVING OUT SYMPOSIUM. Presentation of Sanctuary Lab at ‘Moving Out’ Symposium, “An exploration into the exciting range of art taking place outside conventional venues across Europe, the UK and Scotland exploring the significance of publicly engaged art. See Part of the Galoshans Fesitval.

CONTEMPORARY ARTS IN RURAL CONTEXTS. Presentation of Sanctuary Lab. The seminar was organised by Chrysalis Arts and explored how artists working in rural environments or with rural themes are developing new platforms and approaches to visual arts practice. The programme showcased current examples of innovative artistic practice from across the UK, explored how artists are engaging with some of the issues facing rural communities, and offered an international perspective on contemporary rural practice and the benefits of networking, collaboration and co-operation. Settle, 2017.