“One of the most beautiful and imaginative exhibitions I’ve seen. Very special and never to be forgotten. Inspirational.”

Visitor feedback

EDGE was a ghost tide line that followed and entwined with the existing one at Carrick Foreshore, formed using detritus collected along the coast together with curious objects and artefacts large and small, given to, created or found by the artists. These clusters of objects formed fragments of mysterious narratives and forgotten stories, some real, some imagined, some playful, others full of sadness and loss. The stories explored the nature of the link between this land and distant places and became part of the ancient tidal conversion between the sea and the shore.

Over the three days of Spring Fling, visitors were able to explore the 150m installation at their own pace, opening and revealing the contents of the many boxes, tins and suitcases within the work. At scheduled moments old radio’s within the installation played songs linked to the sea.

On the first of the open days, Scottish ‘country-punk’ band The Hoolits, performed a mix of their own sea-themed tunes and traditional sea-shanties. The following day musician Pete Garnet played the harmonium accompanied by Greg Lawson on fiddle.

More information: http://www.weareupland.com/projects/edge

“A very powerful experience. I had no idea that an art installation could be so beautiful and so moving.”
“A lifetime of looking at art; this is the best. Loss, love, remembrance, the setting, the sea, the sun, the art. Perfecto!”
“This was a powerful, emotional, thought provoking experience – thank you.”
“Wonderful, compelling, in a beautiful location. This installation was inspired. Thank you.”
“Wonderful, atmospheric. What a brilliant idea. A truly special piece of art.”
A gift to art – “what a fantastic installation. Made me excited to lift each box and when the music started playing – what a treat!”
“Fantastic. Combining art, history, natural beauty, landscape. Congratulations.”

“Magical, inspirational, heart warming, human, emotional. Thank you. You made the day very special.”
“Beautiful. Complex but accessible. Perfect public art.”

Visitor feedback

Contributing artists: Elaine Dempsey, David Giblin, Linda Mallet, Fran Higson, Brett Self, Denise Zygadlo.
Associate producer and additional contributions to the EDGE publication and songscapes; Elaine Dempsey

Download PDF of publication that accompanied the installation below.

Images from EDGE

Work from contributing artists:

Categories: 2017, Collaboration, Environmental, Installation, Interactive, Performance, Process, Research, Site Specific

Jo Hodges

Jo Hodges is a multidisciplinary public artist based in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland
with a background in Human Ecology, community development and social justice.

Her work investigates ecological and socio-cultural systems, processes and relationships, and explores new strategies for working in public. Her practice takes many forms; temporary and permanent works, site specific installations and socially engaged projects and processes. She is often led by context, where the outcome is determined as a result of process.

She is interested in research, experimentation and collaboration at the intersection of environment, culture and technology and exploring the role of art in social change. She is joint Director-Curator of Sanctuary Lab, a public art laboratory in the Galloway Forest Dark Skies Park.