Atlas Pandemica

Robbie together with Matt Baker from The Stove Network, Dumfries is Co-Curating Atlas Pandemica. Atlas Pandemica is gathering 10 creative practitioners between June and December 2020 to work collectively to examine the way society is reacting to the COVID pandemic and to try and navigate the way forward into a more hopeful and shared future. Atlas Pandemica is based in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland. As part of Atlas Pandemica, Robbie and Jo have been commissioned to research and respond to the impact of COVID on death and dying.

The Atlas Pandemica Artists

Joanne McKay is focusing on the history of pandemics in Dumfries

Annie Wild is looking into the giving and receiving of care

Karen Campbell is doing a residency with Dumfries & Galloway Council

Emma Jayne Park is exploring local decision making;

Mark Zygadlo is be looking at the river and it’s communities

Peter Smiths work explores the rituals of repair

T.S. Beall is documenting the unheard voices in Dumfries

Jenna Macrory will be sharing conversations about difference

The Homegrown Team are focusing on bringing the digital into public space.

Robbie Coleman and Jo Hodges are focusing on grief and loss.

The first Atlas Pandemic Artist Gathering