Comfort in Hard Times

What gives comfort in hard times?

Participant Alison Johnston chose a piece of wood from a hazel tree to represent home, family, fire and warmth. The bark of the hazel was magnified 200x at the Centre for Biophotonics in Glasgow and data from the image was converted into notes on a musical scale. The audio in the installation is a recording of Alison singing the resulting musical score. Visitors to the installation were asked what gave them comfort in hard times.

Refugee Action Week, D&G Multicultural Centre 2016

Categories: 2016, Art/Science, Collaboration, Community Engagement, Installation, Interactive, Sound

Jo Hodges

Jo Hodges is a multidisciplinary public artist based in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland
with a background in Human Ecology, community development and social justice.

Her work investigates ecological and socio-cultural systems, processes and relationships, and explores new strategies for working in public. Her practice takes many forms; temporary and permanent works, site specific installations and socially engaged projects and processes. She is often led by context, where the outcome is determined as a result of process.

She is interested in research, experimentation and collaboration at the intersection of environment, culture and technology and exploring the role of art in social change. She is joint Director-Curator of Sanctuary Lab, a public art laboratory in the Galloway Forest Dark Skies Park.