Current projects

SWAP Residency, Ukraine. British Council

A research/ process based residency
NB Jan 2020: Further project information will be added shortly

Going Underground : Actions in the Underpass

Working with a new contemporary arts centre, The Jam Factory (opening 2022) to creatively connect the cultural centre of the city to Pidzamche, the post-industrial area where the Jam Factory is situated. We hired a small shop unit in the neglected underpass that runs underneath the railway line (which connects the two areas) and created ‘Going Underground: Actions in the Underpass’, a project that activated and reimagined the underpass as part of a physical and cultural journey. The project created new ways of involving the local community, students and decision makers in conversations about creative regeneration of the area. 

The Underpass

‘Office in the Underpass’

A disused shop unit was rented and a 3 day ‘Office in the Underpass’ set up. Working with the local community, architecture students and passers by, we created an open space for people to drop in, take part in activities and have conversations about how the underpass could be reimagined as a ‘landmark’ destination, generating ideas for creative transformation:

  • Gathering ideas for the disused shop units such as social spaces, co-working spaces, community spaces, workshop spaces…
  • An Underpass ‘renaming competition’. The underpass did not have a name. A name makes it ‘somewhere’
  • Activities to gather ideas for a redesign of the underpass entrances and through corridor using easily implementable ideas such as growing structures and schemes (community garden, vegetable and fruit growing) creative led lighting, temporary public art, repainting…
  • Hosting an architecture student from Lviv Polytechnic
  • Window projections: images from other creative transformations of underpasses around the world, how growing has has been used to transform place, archive footage of the Pidzamche.
  • Children’s storytelling and workshops
  • Hosting the Director of the City Institute for discussions about Creative Regeneration of the Underpass and introducing the Underpass into the city strategy for Pidzamche.

Posters in the Underpass

Disused poster sites in the underpass were used as sites for artworks and each day for 3 days a different set of posters was installed.

Day 1. Maps

We used archival maps from the past century to reorientate the city with the underpass at the centre. We wanted to draw attention to the underpass as the centre-point of the journey from Lviv city centre to the Jam Factory. The maps also highlighted the changes of sovereignty in Lviv during the past century. Location of underpass circled in red.

Day 2. Hands

Ukraine has a history of people joining hands to make human chains 100’s of km long to mark significant events and as a form of protest.

Day 3. Words

Posters with the words: