Rituals of Repair

Rituals of Repair is an ​evolving creative research project involving artists, film makers and choreographers

The project is not about mending things – its about recognizing what is broken, flawed, fractured or conflicted and coming to a position where we can hold the contradictions and scale and our own complicity. It explores creating a place to stop thinking, a place where other gears are allowed to turn.

Join us at the Open Day to explore interactive sound and video installations and other creative works in progress.

The Old Debenhams Building, High St, Dumfries. DG1 2QT
Choreography Workshop

Running alongside, but separate to the open day there will be a choreography workshop led by dancer/choreographers Bill Coleman (Canada) and Claire Pencak (Scotland) This workshop will be exploring processes and practices for making new choreographies that allow us to stay dancing with the trouble. In the spirit of sympoesis or ‘making with’, we will be collectively creating a movement score that can be shared and performed, as a way to create ‘Rituals of Repair’.

For more information and to book a free place – see : https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/rituals-of-repair-tickets-396131278317

This workshop is now full but please drop in and see the other artworks

You do not need previous dance training to join this workshop but some experience or interest in movement will be helpful.T



Background to Ritual of Repair

We seem to be faced with a sense of almost continuous crisis, actual and existential. In the absence of any guidance that would either make sense of the situation or mitigate it in any meaningful way, what is the individual to do?

The project explores how we move through and within the world and asks is there a physical practice that allows us time to consider and live with the complexity.

Moss an Appreciation – Choreography Audicia Lynne Morley – Dancer Claire Pencak.
Image – State Theta

Can we create a choreography of optimism – explore the creation of a private practice that would, if not repair the world, at least realign our own relationships with it? And could this choreography be created in collaboration with others, but performed individually? A private observance rooted in a shared understanding that rights our sense of the world as it unravels around us.

The first stage of the project has been kindly supported by DGU’s Bright Sparks program and includes collaborations between John Wallace, Robbie Coleman, Alan Cameron, Bill Coleman and Claire Pencak and others to be announced.